Fact Practice

GAMES & Activities
Study Smart Strategy Cards (and more!)
Find strategy flashcards and audio flashcards here!

Sheppard Software Lots of different games arranged by category (like money, fractions, time, etc)
Math Magician
Choose which multiplication facts you'd like to practice or practice a mixture of all of them!

A whole site FILLED with games to practice

PBS Kids Math games from the folks at PBS.
Great for K students!

Fuel the Brain Pick a skill and start playing! This site has super fun games to help you practice those important math skills!
That's a Fact
Fun fact practice presented vertically and horizontally, and with or without a timer. Also shows all facts mastered and not yet mastered.

Speed Grid Multiplication
Challenging Multiplication Practice. The product is given and you must find the factors!

Think Math! K-5 Demonstrations, games and activities (Topics separated by standards)

Count Us In Math games for PreK to K students!
Math Lines
This is one of our favorites! Shoot balls into a moving line of numbered balls to create facts to 10. This is a very addicting game!

(Facts to 10 are some of the MOST important facts to know!)

Math Playground Play GREAT games, work on word problems, solve logic puzzles or watch videos that explain how to do specific math problems.
Five Frame Counting Great counting practice. Appropriate for PreK and up.

Math Cats Math games, activities and adventures

Math Expressions Math games (Grades K-5)
Multiplication Videos
Multiplication Videos (including School House Rock) and other videos to help students learn their times tables.

Math Nook "The best way to improve math skills is to do math. Playing games that exercise reasoning abilities is a good approach for young people, since many games involve logic, and math is just logic with numbers attached." -- Marilyn Vos Savant
Travel through space with multiplication!

GamequariumMath Games Galore
Math Playground
First work on basic computation. Then click on Math Games. Use Balloon Invaders to practice a particular series of facts. But you'll find more than fact practice on this site. Many engaging activities and games that require application of skills.

Test Prep and Brain Teasers by Houghton Mifflin (K-3)

CoolMath4Kids Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, Puzzles, Tricks, and Lots of other cool stuff!
Funbrain Baseball
Play baseball while operating with whole numbers. You set the difficulty level.

Set (Daily Puzzle) Up for a challenge? Play this game! (Click on the little ‚ÄĚlearn to play" character first so you understand the rules.)
Quick Flash
Select the multiplication facts you want to work on

Quia Games Lots of free games sorted by different topics

Rush Hour This is an addictive one!
Math Skills Practice Activities Grades 3-5


Brain Teasers Galore!
Funbrain Tic-Tac-Toe
Play tic-tac-toe while practicing your math facts. You can set the difficulty level.

Foxborough Public Schools SUMmer Math
Resources from the FPS summer math program centered around fact fluency.